Transition Timeline

Pre-1998 -- Childhood "tomboyish" disposition. More on this in my Life Before Trans page.

1998-1999 -- First girlfriend and first signs of gravitating towards masculinity in romantic relationshoips

1999-2003 -- Closeted "bisexual" phase. Had boyfriends in high school, but was still looking at girls. Also, came across the name "Cyrus" in my Honors World History class sophomore year from the first Persian emperor, Cyrus the Great.

2004 -- First intimate relationship with a woman. Accepted myself as a lesbian even if I didn't feel 100% comfortable with that label.

2005-2008 -- At-the-time girlfriend helped me experiment with binding and flirted with the idea of having a sex change. Finally learned to accept my masculinity as part of who I am. Used the name Cyrus as the name of a fictional character I created for an online role-play and became gradually attached to that name.

2009 -- Female-identifying pronouns such as "babe", "ma'am", "miss", and "sweetie" used by males to address me starts taking a serious toll on my temper and self-esteem, causing me to be really irritable, moody and defensive around them. Gradually, even words such as "girl" or "lady" used by both males and females to address me also begins to illicit emotional distress and gender dysphoria.

Winter 2009 - Spring 2010 -- Research transgenderism with a particular interest in female-to-male transsexuality.

04/2010 -- Came out as trans to at-the-time girlfriend girlfriend. She whole-heartedly supported me and my want to physically transition. Also, came out to friends and coworkers via Facebook. Spoke with local Kaiser clinics regarding hormone therapy.

05/2010 -- Doctor orders pre-treatment blood work and lab tests to ensure healthiness.

06/08/2010 -- First testosterone ("T") injection.

06/22/2010 -- 2nd T shot

07/03/2010 -- First time using men's fitting room at department store (Ross')

07/04/2010 -- First time using men's public restroom at work.

7/6/2010 -- 3rd T shot

7/21/2010 -- 4th T shot

9/05/2010 -- Increased occurrences of "passing"